T-Storm to "T"

In college I went by "T-Storm" because I started making YouTube videos for my digital media classes and my professor said I needed to come up with a cool name, and at some point in that same class I checked the weather forecast and guess what it called for...? That's right, T-Storms. 😂 It stuck.

A few weeks ago I was with the youth from my church and we were writing letters to missionaries, casually talking. I haven't been in the Young Women's presidency (for all you non-LDS people that's what the group of girls age 12-18 in my church are called) very long, but one of the girls is so cool I swear she's my spirit animal. I'm trying to get to know her without making it obvious I'm obsessed with her because she teaches me all the insider info about what it takes to be cool these days, and I need all the help I can get in that area, especially since I've realized the dating phase of my life isn't over even though I thought it was. Aaaanyways... I was sitting by her, writing a letter when out of the blue she said "tee". I legit thought she felt like I was cool enough to just call me "T" but it turns out she was talking about "tea" like the slang word kids use these days to for "gossip". 😂 Ever since then she's called me "T" though, so maybe I'm cooler than I thought. So I guess T-Storm lives on in the form of "T" now. I think I need to get a new hat, because college T-Storm wore a cool hat and stuff and I feel a little lost without it.

Originally written July 7, 2019

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