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One of the recurring themes I noticed from #ldsconf this weekend was the counsel to turn your focus to Christ, which was super encouraging for me because it validated some personal revelation I had for myself and my kids about a year ago. It happened during a conversation I had with their dad, also about a year ago. If you haven't caught on, he's atheist/agnostic now. He literally came home from a work trip one day a year and a half ago and told me he wanted nothing to do with religion or the church I attend anymore. He did a few other things that weren't cool at all, but overall I was adjusting the best way I could, considering the circumstances. (Just want to be clear - his decision to leave the church was not the only reason I decided divorce was the best option. I took events from our entire marriage into account. Not that I need to explain that to you, but I just don't want people to think I ended my marriage because my husband stopped going to the same church as me. Not the case.) Anyway, after he told me he was atheist/agnostic, we had many conversations about religion. Most of the time he tried to convince me my views were wrong, which is what was happening during this conversation. In case you're unfamiliar with the @churchofjesuschrist, we believe a prophet leads our church today, just like in Biblical times. We were talking about prophets and disagreeing, obviously. I believe that before a prophet is a prophet, he is first a man that is capable of mistakes. He (ex-husband) believes that a prophet of God wouldn't ever make any mistakes. The conversation wasn't going anywhere, and we were both getting frustrated. But then I said - "when it comes down to it, I don't go to church just because I believe it is led by a prophet. I go to church because I believe in and love Jesus Christ." And ever since then, that has been my focus in my home. Relating everything back to Christ, instead of getting lost in the details/rules/culture of the church. And let me tell you what, it's so much easier and I've found so much more joy. You should try it sometime. Ya know, if you like feeling peace and happiness and stuff. 🤷‍♀️

Originally Written October 6, 2019

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