Cling to Your Faith

I think a lot of people can relate to looking back at their college days and feeling like it was their "glory days" because of independence and less responsibilities and friends and such, however it wasn't until recently I realized I think so fondly of my college years wasn't for any of those reasons, but really was because it was the closest I've been to Christ. My relationship with Christ was at its strongest for a number of reasons, like an awesome Institute teacher and all the quality time spent with missionaries (not just goofing around, but I legit went on tons of team-ups with them and helped

them teach people, believe it or not haha) and it was also when I decided to study the scriptures and pray to know if there really was a God and if he cared about me. Well I definitely got my answer, and boy am I so glad I did. Who

knows where I'd be right now if I hadn't done that for myself. After college I fell out of those things that kept me super close to the Savior, and didn't realize how far away I had gotten until recently. A couple months ago I was reading my Patriarchal Blessing at like 3am and several things jumped out at me that hadn't ever before. One of the last things it talks about is the trials I will go through, BUT it says - "If you cling to your faith, you will overcome all." I think of that sentence often, and wanted to share it with you because it absolutely applies to each and every one of you as well. Just some friendly words of advice - make sure you're clinging to the right things. Promise it'll be better for you. ✌️❤️

Originally Written August 5, 2019

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